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Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

6322 N. Broadway Chicago, IL. 60660
Awash Ethiopian Restaurant - New York City, NY

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We also cater for all occasions.



AZIFA; Fresh Lentils, red onions, hot African mustard, hot green peppers and lemon - served cold  
VEGETABLES SAMBUSA; Pastry shells filled with spiced vegetables  
MEAT SAMBUSA; pastry shells filled with spiced chopped beef  
CHICKEN SAMBUSA; pastry shells filled with spiced chopped chicken  
LENTIL SAMBUSA; pastry shells filled with spiced chopped lentil  
YATER KID FITFIT; specialty seasoned split pea, hot peppers, mixed with Injera  
YETIMATIM FITFIT; tomatoes, hot green peppers, onions mixed with injera and seasoned with olive oil and lemon  
SALAD; small salad (Lettuce and tomatoes with dressing)  


SPECIAL KITFO; lean ground beef, hot green peppers, onions seasoned in exclusive bended spices and special butter  
AWASH TIBS; sliced spiced beef marinated charcoal broiled to your taste  
TIBS; tender beef cubes sauteed with Ethiopian seasoning and cooked to your taste with hot green peppers and onions  
SPECIAL TIBS; succulent beef cubes marinated in special hot sauce sauteed with peppers, spices and onions  
TIBS; tender beef cubes sauteed with Ethiopian seasoning and cooked to your taste with hot green peppers and onions  
GIFILFIL; beef strips sauteed in spicy berbere sauce mixed with injera  
GORED GORED; tender beef cubes served raw in hot berbere mixed with butter  
KITFO; Ethiopian steak tartar lean tender & seasoned with Kibe and mitmita(very hot pepper)  
YEGURAGE KITFO; kitfo, spiced goman(collard green) and ayib (cheese)  
TIBS WAT; choice of beef strips cooked in specially seasoned Berbere sauce  
YECONTA FIRFIR; dried beef seasoned with berbere sauce and spices mixed with injera  
GOMEN BESIGA ; sauteed beef, collard greens, onions and just taste of cardamom  
BOZENA SHIRO; spicy beef with ground and roasted yellow split peas, cooked in berbere sauce  


YEBEG WAT; succulent lamb stew seasoned hearty berbere sauce  
LEGA TIBS; tender cubes of lamb barely sauteed with onions, black pepper, and exotic herbs  
YEBEG ALICHA FITFIT; tender lamb cooked in butter with onions & green peppers  


DORO WAT; tender chicken gently simmered in berbere sauce with boiled eggs  
DORO ALICHA; chicken cooked in kibe(herb butter), onions and green peppers  
AWASH CHICKEN; marinated with garlic ginger, and other spices served with tomato salad and vegetables  


KEY SIR ALICHA; red beets, carrots and potatoes  
STRING BEANS AND CARROTS; cooked and seasoned in spicy garlic sauce  
GOMEN; collard green coked with onions, garlic and green peppers  
YATAKILT ALICHA; cabbage, carrot, potatoes, delicately sauteed with peppers onions and garlic  
YEMESIR KIK WAT; split red lentils cooked in berbere sauce  
SHIRO; crowned chick peas, mildly spiced, cooked with chopped onions and tomatoes  
YATER KIKALICHA; split peas cooked and seasoned with onions, peppers & herbs  


ETHIOPIAN PIZZA; Traditional ingredients prepared with an Ethiopian taste. Thin crust utilizing either white flour or teet flour to give that special injera flavor.  
COMBO 1; Our very special Doro Wat, Kay Wat, served with vegetables and salad  
COMBO 2; Tibs Wat, Doro Alicha, served with vegetables and salad  
COMBO 3; Vegetarian, all our vegetables dishes and salad  
COMBO 4; The best of Awash's Doro Wat, with boiled eggs, served with special Ayebe(cheese), gomen(collard green) and kinche  
COMBO 5 - SHIFINFINE; Our very own specially cooked and seasoned Doro Wat, Yebeg Alicha and Ayebe mixed with Injera served in a unique way please try it  
AWASH SPECIAL; Awash Tibs, and special Kitfo served with three vegetables  
ALL MEAT COMBO; Tibs Wat, Doro Wat, Yebeg Alicha, special Tibs & 3 vegetables  

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Awash Ethiopian Restaurant
6322 N. Broadway Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60660
(773) 555-1212

(On Broadway & Just South of Devon)

Please call for reservations if you require:

Large parties of 10 +

Special Seating

Handicap accomodations


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